Advisory Service for Owners

Advisory Service for Owners

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With our significant experiences we can design and build virtually any structure, facility, or complex with complete turn key obligations to any given objective. From distinctive residential projects to manufacturing, institutional and industrial facilities, we undertake to complete projects with most any function, systems, or process as may be required to meet objectives set by the Owner. This can include site selection, land purchase, design, engineering, processes and systems and regulatory requirements in addition to the physical construction of facilities, buildings and structures. We can design build for a stipulated fixed price assuming full responsibility for all aspects of the project from concept to completion to suit anyone's needs.



Our experience in the industry is well established in over 26 years of bidding in the highly competitive low bid public open tender arena as can be seen by our significant list of principle public projects. We have a wealth of experience executing contracts for the lowest cost providing Owner's with greater value for money spent. By utilizing our experience, knowledge, and innovation, we can execute construction contracts cost-effectively and at an overall lower end cost than the competition.

In recent years Project Management Contracts have taken deeper root in the local construction industry. A significant percentage of construction projects are now done by Cost Plus, Project Management or similar budgetary contract arrangements. In all cases the Owner assumes the risk by contracting directly with subcontractors and suppliers with a general contractor or professional project manager acting as trades coordinator or manager for a fixed price or percentage fee. We have the necessary skills and experience to fulfill this role and would be pleased to review your project requirements.

ADVISORY SERVICES for Construction Owners engaged in Design Build and Cost Plus Arrangements


The budgetary method of performing construction was once found (and sometimes inevitable) exclusively on the largest major projects due to few or no competitors available. Today, this method of building is making its way into relatively small projects of as little as one million dollars or less. Little value from competition is realized in these type of contracting arrangements since the project manager's fee is not a significant factor in the selection and execution processes.

Its advantages are well known to meet established budgets since scope of work is not restricted by a fixed price arrangement up front. At any given point the scope of work remains flexible to permit changes as work progresses in keeping with the costs as they are incurred and/or additional funding as it becomes available.

In competitive bidding, the process in which we excel, each bidder must price the project with the objectives of providing the lowest possible price in order to best other bidders while executing a firmly set contracted scope of work. With our vast experience gained in over 26 years in building cost-effectively in a very competitive environments we can provide project advisory services to project Owners, Consultants and Managers as an added participant in the construction management team working under these budgetary contract arrangement. One of our roles can be to review the project in whole or in parts and provide advice to add valuable input and innovation to reduce costs and/or expedite complex and costly tasks more cost-effectively. Further, in appropriate situations we can provide such services on a speculative basis as a percentage of the value rendered by our participation and advice.

If we can be of service or to simply investigate what we can do for you on your major complex projects please contact us.

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